“She-She is so connected to the Angels that once you enter a session your whole body can feel their presence, trust me it's truly magical.  The word that could describe my experience getting a reading would be sublime. She-She was able to help me see where I'm always being guided at every step by my angels and how my life is constantly being supported by these divine presences. What sets her apart from other readers is that she also offers solid and practical information to get in to action. If you are ready to connect with guidance that has always been available but somehow hasn't been as clear as you would like, now is the time to dive in to an experience that will transform your life. She has the capability to turn up the volume of the angel voices that have been cheering you on all along so you can finally hear them clearly and take on their guidance to create a life you love.”

-Xochitl Ashe- Visionary Business Empowerment Coach and Entrepeneur

“I have had the privilege of being able to receive guidance and channeling from She-She on a number of occasions, though she may be this super beaming bright Angelic being, when it comes down to it, when I have really been in a healing crisis and I have gone to her for assistance, she will always cut straight through with some statement that just recalibrates my consciousness and tells me everything I need in that moment and makes me feel relaxed, and safe and deeply at peace trusting God and everything. She has such a supportive, angelic loving energy about her, and yet her guidance is very grounded and directly applicable. She has been my number one go-to person for all my emotional crises’ since 2013. She loves what she does, and genuinely cares about all people, and you can feel that from her, and it always rubs off on you too! Thank you She-She! I am so happy you are offering again your Divine Guidance readings!! 

-Ava Violette Laurèl, Actress, Author, Healer, Spiritual Teacher

"I am so blessed to have met She-She in 2003. With her first reading I was amazed. Over the years she has been a clear channel, friend and mentor. Her guidance is clear, accurate and from Source!  She has helped me get married, stay married and grow my abilities. She powerfully aligned me with my own resources I wasn't aware  were available to me!  The invisible words that were whispered in my heart thousands of times were finally made visible. Working with her for a number of years now I connect deeply with Source Energy, access my intuition and have strengthened the innate psychic abilities that were already gifted to me."

- Dr. Sarah Larsen MD, Palm Reader, Medical Intuitive and International Speaker

"What a special treat to have a reading with Sheila. For me it was more about the spirituality of being in a special place where I could see joy and possibilities.Whereas before, my own fear and negativity would talk me out of doing things, or give me reasons why my dreams could not happen before I even started."

- Louise Barlow

Film and Commercial Producer

 Divine Guidance Readings

with Life, Love and Relationship Coach &

Angel Intuitive She-She O'Donnell

My Story: From Corporate Shark

to Earth Angel

Thank You for Following Your Divine Guidance


From Corporate Shark to Earth Angel

It was another grey day in downtown Chicago. I had been working in the loop right next to the Board of Trade as Director of Business Development for an e-commerce company. However, I was having trouble focusing on work because ever since my spiritual awakening, all I wanted to do was to surf online for inspirational or enlightening articles on anything related to the metaphysical realm.  I was continually fascinated by new information that “coincidentally” seemed to address perfectly whatever issues I had been grappling with. As I continued to follow the thread of synchronicities, what was once a life of predictable drudgery became more like a magical mystery tour!

I had been jolted out of my robot-like existence when my sister Maureen passed away suddenly in 1997 of a “fever of unknown origin” – the vague illness which her autopsy termed the cause of her death. I was flung deep into a chasm of grief and denial and began unraveling because nothing made sense anymore. I began questioning the meaning of life and everything I had been taught. Because I was raised a strict Catholic my whole life I was concerned that maybe she went to hell. I was worried about her because I knew she wasn’t perfect (she had sex before marriage) and I wondered if she had gone to confession before she died. According to the Church’s teaching, if she didn’t go to confession, that meant she died in a state of “mortal sin” and would not pass GO, not collect $200 and would go DIRECTLY TO HELL to burn and suffer for all eternity. I started reevaluating all my beliefs because it was unthinkable to me that a loving God could send anyone to hell, let alone my own precious sister.

I was so grateful someone gave me a book that gave me hope and helped me through my grieving process. It was called, “Embraced by the Light” by Betty Eadie and it was about a woman who had a near-death experience and was pronounced dead for over 20 minutes after a routine surgery. Her experience in heaven was so beautiful and filled with unconditional love that it helped me let go of all my fear about what had happened to Maureen and I started to trust that she was okay. I actually read the book with my childhood friend, Michael Zegarski, out loud, chapter by chapter, with tears of joy and relief streaming down our faces, feeling incredulous at how wonderful this woman's experience on the other side was.

After reading that book, I was guided to go on a media fast. I canceled cable TV and even stopped listening to the radio. I went deep into silence. The only music I listened to for about six months was a chakra clearing CD of beautiful harp music called “7 Wheels of Light” by Joel Andrews and a CD called “The Drone; The Breath of God” by composer Harold Grandstaff Moses which contained a sixty-minute song of the spheres (cosmos). After many days and nights of going within deep into silence I had a spiritual awakening and all of a sudden life became magical! I started seeing 11:11 everywhere and everything seemed like a synchronicity. A musician friend Stephanie Rogers suggested I read the book, “Conversations with God” and it rocked my world! I was reading it at the EXACT same time I was enrolled in the life-changing weekend educational seminar called the Landmark Forum. The main message of the book, in a nutshell, is that all really God wants from us is for us to decide and declare the grandest version of the greatest vision of the highest thought we have about who we really are and to go ahead and create and BE THAT!  In the Landmark Forum, they suggested that we let go of past stories about who we thought we were and declare who we are AS A POSSIBILITY, free from the constraints of the past. I could not believe the synchronicity that the book & the Landmark Forum were asking for the exact same thing- for me to decide & declare who I really am! At the Landmark Forum, I decided and declared that I was the possibility of FREEDOM, POWER, ABUNDANCE & LOVE. At the time, that seemed like a fantasy.

I felt chained to my 9 - 5 job. I had worked in a series of horrible sales jobs for 10 years- all through my 20’s- and I had bills, rent and a lot of stress in my life. I couldn’t fathom how it could be possible to live a free-spirited life where I could make my own schedule, get up when I wanted and make money from my creative gifts. I felt completely disempowered and not in control of things.  Having had 16 years of Catholic education, I was well-versed in the Bible and I remember questioning one of the verses where Jesus says, “I have come that they might have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10). What did that mean? Money was always hard to come by for me and it always seemed to require so much work for “just enough” to get by. At that time, I was living like a “weekend warrior”- someone who works incredibly hard during the week and then goes overboard letting off steam on the weekends, partying with friends or co-workers. I was also married to a workaholic Director of Operations for a restaurant group. I was very familiar with “the daily grind”. When my sister died, it became very apparent that I was giving up my very precious and limited life force energy in exchange for the stability of knowing how much I would be making every two weeks.  I realized the fallacy in the phrase, "the land of the FREE" because I saw that this full-time, supposedly-good job was actually “golden handcuffs” or SLAVERY masquerading as freedom! I had come to the realization that I could give up my entire life trying to reach that carrot of “success” that was dangled before me.

One job that was particularly inhumane had a very high turnover because the demands placed on the employees were almost unachievable. Whenever someone was fired the sales managers blasted, “Another One Bites the Dust” over the loudspeakers. I made myself a goal to be the first female senior account executive there and endured a year of 7:30 am meetings, making eighty or more cold calls a day, and often working till 8 or 9 pm. I even paid an assistant out of my own pocket to help with paperwork. I was exhausted and in pain, from sitting all day & being constantly stressed out meeting my quotas. The day after I reached my goal I quit! My next job was Director of Business Development for E-Commerce Exchange. It was a dramatic change and I went from being constantly micromanaged and working in a cubicle to having my own office.  It was when I was working there that I would run across something online that caught my eye.

The title of the article was, “Are You Willing to Be an Angelic Emissary?” and it was channeled from Archangel Michael through Ronna Herman on April 5, 2000. “I now ask you if you are willing to make a commitment - a commitment to become a full-fledged angelic emissary? Are you ready to allow the mighty archangels of this galaxy to infuse you with all the glory of their virtues and attributes? Are you ready to be infused with the living Light of our Father/Mother God and then to convey that love/Light to any and all you meet, and to allow the Light to shine from your heart, soul, and your eyes, and through your deeds?” It was as if the words were lit up with an otherworldly light! When I read them I felt a resounding feeling of, “YES!” from the deepest part of me…. There was nothing I wanted more than to be an EARTH ANGEL. I immediately wrote Archangel Michael a letter. I was praying that he and this offer to work for God full time was for REAL. I suspended all disbelief as I poured my heart out to him in a letter, “Dear Archangel Michael, I want to join the team and work with you as an angelic emissary. Let me be an EVERYDAY EARTH ANGEL. Use me to be a beacon of light and love on earth. I want to touch, move and inspire people and remind them of their own divinity. Let me help open people’s hearts with my music. Let me help liberate others from the effects of fear and help them love their lives! I want everyone to feel safe around me and feel the love radiating from my eyes and heart. I don’t know how to do this and I have many concerns… a job I hate, a husband who I am pretending to build a future with, and plenty of debt and never-ending bills so I need your help to extricate myself from this life I created by default and create a life where I can be true to myself and living my soul’s purpose powerfully.  I’m not clear how to become this greater “angelic emissary” version of me but I am willing. If you are serious, I am serious. If you are for real… please give me a sign!”

Well… in less than 2 months I got my sign. To explain how that came about I have to backtrack a little bit. After completing the Landmark Curriculum for Living in 1999 I had determined that I really wanted to be a singer and songwriter. I had always loved singing from an early age because my Mom sang to me a lot and my Dad, a folk musician from Ireland, taught me to sing and inspired a love of music in me. I started taking guitar and voice lessons and when I was 12 years old I had my first paying music gig accompanying my father on St. Patrick’s Day at the Holiday Inn in Oak Lawn, Ilinois. I made $100 singing a set of Irish songs and I continued to perform with him over the years, singing & playing guitar all over the Chicago area at Irish-American Dinner Dances, parties, and events. I was also a church cantor for over 10 years and sang jazz, pop, and standards on the Odyssey Dinner Cruise, so I identified as a singer, but I never knew how people became songwriters.

After my sister crossed over and I went on my media fast, it was in the silence that I found my answer to that question. I had been meditating and fervently praying that God would help me to become a pure channel for Spirit and my prayer was answered!  My first song came to me when I was jamming over the phone with my brother Patrick. He was living in San Diego and we were just playing chords and all of a sudden, I felt a melody flow through me and lyrics came soon after-- effortlessly! I called my first song, “Waking Up” and I was so excited to finally be a songwriter! Soon after, I went to an open mic at the Old Town School of Folk Music and there happened to be a producer named Greg Crook in the audience who came up to me afterward and said he wanted to work with me. Within a year I had channeled my first album, “Waking Up” and had my CD Release Party on 11/11/00. My dreams were coming true! I gave the CD to a friend in Montreal and she shared my music with her friend Larry Contier. One day I received a phone call from him and he said, “Is this the illustrious Sheila O’Donnell? I’ve been playing your CD for 3 days straight on repeat and it is some of the highest vibrational music I have ever heard!” We became friends and he booked me to perform at two Body, Mind & Spirit Expos in Denver, Colorado and Ashville, North Carolina.  He mentioned one day that he was going to swim with the dolphins in Hawaii and I interjected enthusiastically, “I’ve always wanted to swim with the dolphins!” He said, “Well just say the word and you can go!” I jokingly said, “Word!” and before I knew it we were on a three-way call with a travel agent and he was paying for a $5,000 seven-day retreat at the 5-star Waikoloa Hilton Hotel in Kona, Hawaii. When I explained that I couldn’t afford it, he said it was a gift with no strings attached and I could pay it forward if I wanted to when someone else needed something and I had extra to give. He said his only concern was that I might change my mind because it was non-refundable.  I felt totally excited and my inner child was a total YES to this adventure!

Within a month I was in Hawaii and it was one of the most amazing weeks of my life. He neglected to mention that it was a retreat with Dr. Doreen Virtue, whom I had never heard of before, and meeting her would change my life! On Day One I got my sign. Doreen channeled a message from… you guessed it… Archangel Michael! I knew I was in the right place and was beginning my “Angelic Emissary” training. She gave everyone on the retreat a private reading and she told me I was profoundly clairaudient and claircognizant and that I had been channeling songs. She said I was extremely psychic and could be doing what she does! My friends had always come to me for advice over the years but this was the first time that I had heard that I was PSYCHIC! During the retreat, Doreen led us through many teachings, guided meditations, and exercises and by the end of the week, I knew that what she had told me was true. We went swimming with wild dolphins and a pod of about 200 of them surrounded our group for about 45 minutes. They were circling around us, very close but just out of reach of touching them. Whatever frequencies they were sending completely healed and reprogrammed me! I truly believe they are like the angels of the sea sent to teach us to play, have fun and to release us from the effects of fear. I felt like a new person after being in their presence that day!

I met a man on the retreat named Charles Ottoway who was “coincidentally” going to Europe that fall and when I expressed interest in moving to Los Angeles, offered to sublet me his apartment in Santa Monica. I took this as a sign that a divine door was opening and shortly gave my notice at work, got amicably divorced from my husband, donated all my corporate suits and extra stuff and packed up my car and took Route 66 to LA! I had no idea what to expect but I was up for the GRAND ADVENTURE and I found myself experiencing miracles every moment! I applied for the scholarship for Doreen’s Angel Therapy Practitioner Training Program and got it and I became certified to do readings. I am so happy that I have followed my passion and became an everyday earth angel because now I LOVE MY LIFE! I would never have dreamed that I would be living in the Hollywood Hills, right under the Hollywood Sign with a life bursting at the seams full of new inspiring artistic colorful friends, endless parties, fantastic conscious events and daily doses of fun, creativity, joy, and magic! I am now a Divine Lifestyle Consultant, Angel Intuitive, and a Radio Program Host for the International Angels Network every Saturday from 1-2pm PST. I offer retreats, workshops, and events to help people connect with their own divinity and to live a heart-centered life free from fear. For people who are really committed to taking their lives to the next level and making a lasting change, I offer a special year-long Divine Life Mastery Program that helps people live a purpose-driven inspiring DIVINE LIFE full of freedom, pleasure, and fun!

I am so grateful to Archangel Michael for intervening in my life and waking me up so that I could get on track with my life purpose, which is to be a beacon of love and light for all!

Your angels led you here for a reason and I am so happy they did!. It is my joy to be of service to you in this way and it is my intention to be a pure channel for God and the angels and only say the words that will help you live the highest version of your life path.

Angel She-She

Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner


What are Angel Readings?


Angels are "Messengers of Love" from God. I have been trained to tune into and connect with the Angelic Realm and share the messages I receive from them with you.

I work with your guardian angels and Archangels to help harmonize and heal every aspect of your life. I also help you to strengthen your own intuition so that you can more clearly receive guidance from God and the angels directly!

Everyone has guardian angels, and when we open ourselves to hear our angels' messages every aspect of our lives becomes more peaceful. The angels love to help heal people's minds, bodies, relationships, finances, careers, unresolved issues, confusion and other life areas.